marking time with memories

translucent mould of me 1_640 [image] Laurent Millet - Translucent Mould of Me, Piezography, 40x50cm, 2013.

Abstract memory: organisation and categorisation as a form of memory / computer terminology  contact points (  – cloud storage . who monitors . polices the system . censorship. Digital - the scalable pixel .

"Memory Studies examines the social, cultural, cognitive, political and technological shifts affecting how, what and why individuals, groups and societies remember, and forget. Despite the epistemological and causal significance attributed to memory in the study of such questions as the formation of personal and public identity, culture and politics, and social communities, there remains dramatic divergence on the basic concepts and methods of the area."

First visiting Fellow Prof John Sutton, of the Warwick Centre for Memory Studies, delivers the inaugural lecture launched by Prof Susan Bassnett, Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Warwick.