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Online galleries, curated projects, digital books and interactive spaces not only allow individuals and groups to bring their observations, their ideas and concerns to a wider audience but it re-defines our concepts around physical spaces and how we engage with them which challenges our traditional notions of the gallery and museum. The digital space allows for a more contemplative approach, it allows viewers to re-visit a space, galvanises cultural expansion and broadens our sphere of understanding.

trace-image HDH_01Trace Recordings

From the DNA left on chewed gum to top-secret NSA listening stations, this exhibition casts an artistic light on the scale and sophistication of surveillance technologies, question their lack of transparency and asks what power we have as individuals within them. From data tracking to drones, Trace Recordings presents work by eleven artists who use a wide variety of media and ideas to critically and at times playfully address these issues. • Retrieved from:

edg_cover_front_crop_tight_vgaAt the edge of art

Desktop computer technology and the Internet have opened up new possibilities for artistic creation, distribution, and appreciation. But in addition to projects that might conventionally be described as new-media art, there is now a wide spectrum of work—unclassified until this book—by practitioners not normally thought of as "artists." • Retrieved from:

F2Flogo_frontPortraiture in the digital age

Welcome to Face to Face, an Asialink and d/Lux/MediaArts touring exhibition where you are invited to explore the work of fourteen Australian artists who provide a unique and engaging perspective on how digital technologies are reshaping our understanding and experience of contemporary identity. Covering a variety of media from digital photography to video and interactive installation, you are encouraged to investigate these questions and form your own opinions• Retrieved from:

picAdam Harvey

Adam Harvey is an artist, designer, and programmer in New York. His work explores the intersection of privacy, computer vision, and fashion. His ongoing project, CV Dazzle, is an attempt to create hair styles, makeup, and clothing that thwart face recognition software.  • Retrieved from:

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