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Following are some notes from meeting with David Cowlard at Whitecliffe Parkyn Library 2014.03.17.

  • Co-lab collaborate with sensor tech. / contact ‘g’ :: Consider unseen spaces more / eg fm modular activated by human form :: Look at more contemporary issues/technologies. Eg missing plane/tracking etc :: Possibly move away from analogue perception / or ‘objects’ / inhabit digital space :: Watch ‘Our daily Bread’ movie of mechanization of food manufacturing :: Big data. Guardian blog. Further exploration needed :: Consider my role as artist and outcomes. / journo? / commentator? / documentary? :: Adam Westwood :: / animated gifs video had no searchable data where gifs DO. :: Jessie Shapin :: New American suburb x ? / Doug Rickard :: Michael Wolfe :: Jstore :: Be more open to sharing ideas :: Be less defined in outcomes :: Allow for exploration / new path ways

Earlier thoughts and further thoughts

project very much in progress... Capturing stills from video footage of attacks from CCTVs. Photographed video from web » photographed screen of camera with phone » digital corruption » voyeur

* Relating to thoughts about data loss in jpeg files. Also the auto destructive art of Gustav Metzger, digital corruption through use : the artist as voyeur / more research to do

Covert: the artist as voyeur

Carolyn McKay – University of Sydney, Australia.


An engagement with the aesthetics, rhetorics and methodologies of surveillance presents a canvas on which visual artists can critique, subvert or just play with emergent technologies. This paper probes artistic methodologies that implicate surveillance and the ethical tensions of appropriating the surveilled lives of strangers for creative pursuits.

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Variations: collects events from around the world / public information / transparency ? who polices the cctv and dissemination of info. Note sharing links!