Situations of encounter

cval12 MFA - the liminal presenceMFA Winter Seminar: Exhibition and Audience, 11 – 16 July, 2015

Versions of versions, the liminal presence of ambiguous perceptual fields and the potentiality that factual information may vary according to availability

situation 1 // 2015.07.11-16 / 24 Balfour Road, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand Davis seminar room located down the corridor past the bank of elevators on level 3

"Situated along a long corridor is a room. A room with a window, a portal which peers onto those who pass it by. A portal for those to peer into a room where a meeting might take place, where knowledge is being transferred from one entity to another, where labour is being performed, where information is being transformed."

situation 2 // ø : project.03 : 2015.07.11-16 / Front meeting room at 130 St. Georges Bay Road, Parnell

"... nobody really knows how many CCTV cameras exist in New Zealand. As we go about our daily lives we can expect to be captured on camera every time we use a public space; like walking down the street, at a restaurant, the supermarket, on the bus, train, ferry, taxi..."