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A state of tension and flux.


My work explores the space between the analogue and digital realms and the intersection between the physical and virtual. I explore issues that relate to how we interact and participate with our ‘new economies’ and how we use the technologies that underpins them. Focusing on the statistical methodologies which define our current culture I comment on the political, social and philosophical, investigating themes related to identity, language and systems, the real and the perceived.

My recent body of work explores the relationship we have with the digital, the aggregation of information and end-user interactions. In these recent works I seek to incorporate and reference the nature of our media-saturated environments where the images, shapes and sounds that echo our modern technological systems are manipulated and/or appropriated to manifest themselves as new-image/objects, scenarios or installations. 

I received my Masters of Fine Arts degree in 2016 (honours) from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design, Auckland NZ. 

I live and work in Wellington, New Zealand.