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a state of tension and flux / there is an unknown that exists somewhere between the analogue and digital – an intersection of sorts where the events that delineate participation are often defined by the technologies that underpins them – where the political, social and philosophical is marked by the statistical methodologies that have come to shape our current cultural climate where the real and the perceived are conflated by their identity, language and the systems they govern .

my work explores these ambiguous relationships . I comments on the relationship we have with the digital, the aggregation of information and end-user interactions . often referencing the nature of our media-saturated world, I am interested in the role that the image plays within our digital economies, the flows of information that they create and how embedded deep within their representation an alternate function lies within their interpretation . 

I received my Masters of Fine Arts degree in 2016 (first class honours) from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design, Auckland NZ

I live and work in Wellington, New Zealand.